The Embodied Enneagram as a Doorway To Your Emotional Mastery

What If You Could Decipher Your Personality "Code" so that You Can Eliminate Your Biggest Self-Sabotaging Patterns and Have the Life of Your Dreams?

Is This You...?
  • ​Do challenging people and situations "push your buttons"?
  • ​Are you ready for the "next step" but things keep stopping you from moving forward?
  • ​Do you think that life is a struggle and change is hard?
  • ​Are you stuck in a rut, not moving forward and paralyzed with fear?
  • ​Are you distracted and unfocused, not able to accomplish the important things in life?
Life Doesn't Have To Be This Way!
Here's how you can start to make change right away....

The EnneaMotion Experience – 
The Doorway to Your Emotional Mastery

A quest to change the world, one emotion at a time!

Change CAN Be Easy
Most people think change is difficult. It’s because the old patterns are so strong, and you don’t “yet” have a neural pathway for an alternative.

You learn how to create the neural pathway for an alternative response! Your brain has neuroplasticity and is always willing and able to change for you — if you know how! 

With EnneaMotion, you will have a greater —
  • ​Emotional range, capacity and flexibility
  • ​Ease in making wise choices
  • ​Sense of wholeness and integrity in how you live your life
Ready to open the doorway to your emotional mastery?
The Embodied Enneagram as a
Doorway to your Emotional Mastery

This work is based on the Enneagram. Ennea means nine in Greek, and the Enneagram system describes nine different patterns of thinking, feeling and responding to life. 

EnneaMotion is both an introductory and an advanced learning approach to the Enneagram personality system.

For newcomers, it’s an engaging and memorable introduction to the Enneagram. In fact, it’s a “bone-deep” way that becomes lasting learning. You literally have the information in your body — in your muscles and bones — and have a way to recall it at any time.

If you already know the Enneagram, this approach addresses a different learning channel — the body —and so new awareness and insight arise that add onto any previous Enneagram learning. 

EnneaMotion is a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual experience of all nine types.

After years of acquiring new knowledge and skills to build my career, THIS was the missing piece that helped me believe in myself and take action which has launched my now successful business.   

I now have the ability to capture different areas of strength whenever needed.  

Now I know how to re-program what used to be automatic responses.

This is the closest thing you can get to knowing what it’s like to “be” another type.

  • ​You embody and step into the energy of each type’s gifts and challenges.
  • ​You create new neural pathways for accessing the gifts of all the types.
  • ​You learn how to create the neural pathways that give you new and better options for responding to stress and struggle.

Even if you’ve done it before, each time, you’re at a different point in life and your experience will be different. It will continue to be useful and relevant to who you are and what your concerns are, each time. 

You’ll find what would be most useful for you — more of that type’s gifts, an antidote to its shadow, or a combination.

You will learn that you can create a new neural pathway for any emotion.

This is not just learning the Enneagram and its theories. It’s putting this beautiful system into a practical, easy-to-use method for your personal growth and change.

Respectful communication is easier, even when people push your buttons, and all of your relationships — personal and professional — improve.

Emotional Mastery

EnneaMotion was initially created to offer an experiential approach to learning the Enneagram (a personality system describing nine types). It became much more than that...

I learned that I can access any type I want to and therefore be
more flexible in any possible situation.

You learn how to embody and access the gifts of each type.

You have tremendous new insight and compassion for yourself and others who experience the dark shadow, or challenge of each type.

I made friends with my body and am now aware of how valuable it is
for information it has about my feelings.

Ultimately, you have the flexibility and adaptability to move through your life with ease, peace and joy in the life of your choice.

I shifted my anger to curiosity. We discussed difficult topics and
got to know each other better. It saved my marriage.

How, When and Where?

This is a virtual program done with zoom video. Beginning in February, we’ll meet once a month for 11 months. 

All calls are on Tuesday and will  recorded for you to view any time you want. This is highly experiential, engaging and interactive.

You will be given projects and ideas about how to apply what you learned between modules.

After being stagnant in my business for three years, I woke up, realized how important my message was, wrote and published two books and revitalized my training program.

Ready to open the doorway to your emotional mastery?
What you receive in
The EnneaMotion Experience 
Foundation, Movement Tools and the EQ Quiz as a Map
  • ​The Enneagram
  • ​Your Comfort Zone
  • EnneaMotion
  • Somatic Focusing
  • Neural Pathways
  • Mantras and Mudras  
  • The Brain Lab Project
  • ​Emotional Intelligence
  • ​Emotional Range
  • ​Emotional Flexibility
  • Movement Tools: the language of the body
  • Somatic Experience
  • ​Information about what you're feeling
  • ​How to change your somatic experience to change how you think, feel and respond to life
  • The EQ Quiz as a guide
The Belly / Action Center Types
Module 2: Type Eight - The Leader
The Right Use of Power
Have more of the Eight’s gifts:
Learn how to stand up for yourself, find your voice, build confidence, and stand in the power of your value. Listen to and honor your gut knowing. 

Have less of the Eight’s challenges:
Hold your ground gently, shift your anger to curiosity. Allow your vulnerability, tame your inner lion. 
Module 3: Type Nine - The Peacemaker
Have more of the Nine’s gifts:
Have calm inner peace, no matter what. Expand your perception to better see and understand other points of view. Listen to others and mediate resolutions.

Have less of the Nine’s challenges:
Know that YOUR voice matters. What you want matters. What you need matters. Your opinion matters. YOU matter. Hold your ground and take a stand for YOU. 
Module 4: Type One - The Perfectionist
Have more of the One's gifts:
Move with ease and graceful alignment. Find your internal alignment. Precision. Integrity.

Have less of the One's challenges:
Change your inner critical voice to a supportive voice. A voice that encourages and supports who you are and what you want. Know that life is unfolding at a perfect pace.
The Heart / Feeling Center Types
Module 5: Type Two - The Nurturer
Love and Reciprocity
Have more of the Two's gifts:
Learn how to reach out and connect more easily to others. Tune up your listening and become more intuitive about others’ needs. 

Have less of the Two's challenges:
How to ask yourself what YOU need, articulating that into a request, and receiving help and support. 
Module 6: Type Three - The Achiever
Have more of the Three's gifts:
Believe in yourself and your dream, no matter how big or small. Know the steps, sequence and timing of all that needs done, knowing without a doubt, that you will achieve this.

Have less of the Three's challenges:
Drop the competitive edge and recognize the value of taking time out to connect with others. 
Module 7: Type Four - The Individualist
Emotional Depth
Have more of the Four's gifts:
Expand your emotional breadth and depth for greater empathy and understanding. Be that creative foundation and trust your outside-the-box problem solving. 

Have less of the Four's challenges:
Let go of your story; drop the attachment. Know that you deserve your dream. Harness your inner lion!
The Head / Thinking Center Types
Module 8: Type Five - The Observer
Have more of the Five's gifts:
Increase your capacity to focus on something until it’s done. Have mental clarity. Get to the bottom of something. 

Have less of the Five's challenges:
Remember to take care of your body, that there are people in your life, and there’s a world “out there” to engage in!
Module 9: Type Six - The Loyalist
Have more of the Six's gifts:
Embody trust, loyalty and commitment. Be the responsible one. Select and cultivate a solid, strong team where there is strong mutual trust.  

Have less of the Six's challenges:
Learn how to trust your own inner knowing, and to trust life. You are solid, and you trust that you make wise decisions.
Module 10: Type Seven - The Enthusiast
Have more of the Seven's gifts:
This is your joy factor. You are a positive re-framer, and excel at brainstorming. Open your thinking to unlimited ideas for a joyful, satisfying life.

Have less of the Seven's challenges:
Sharpen your focus. Choose JUST ONE THING at a time and focus on it until you complete it. Find joy in stillness.
Module 11: Integration
  • ​Tips for practice so the learning lasts.
  • ​Q & A
  • Coaching
  • Integrating this work into daily life even in the midst of challenges.
  • The Reality Creation Cycle
Module 12:
The EQX – The Emotional Intelligence Experience
A 3-day live and in-person event where we’ll do EnneaMotion for the nine types in person, in the same room at the same time. 

Though you will have done it on zoom calls for months, there’s nothing like doing this work together. 

You’ll go deeper into the gifts and the challenges and leave much more grounded and empowered.
After Completing The EnneaMotion Experience:

You will know how to create new neural pathways for any emotion that will support you in being your next best self. 

You will be able to:
  • ​Shift reactivity on a dime.
  • ​Embody integrity because you align your thoughts, feelings and actions.
  • ​Communicate with calm respect, even in challenging moments.
  • ​Have joy-filled personal and professional relationships.
  • ​Make your dreams come true with more ease than you ever thought possible.
INCLUDES - Online Course Portal with on-demand access to video lessons
Dive deep into the material with BONUS content designed to enhance your understanding of the material.
  • PDF Handouts -  Written exercises, worksheets, and more.
  • In-depth Video Trainings - Learn more about specific topics with on-demand videos available in your Online Course Portal.
  • Group calls - All 5 live training calls will be recorded and available for on-demand viewing.
  • First Class: Tuesday, February 25, 2020
  • ​ When: Tuesdays 4 - 6 Pacific / 5 - 7 Mountain / 6 - 8 Central / 7 - 9 Eastern (Classes are on: 2/25, 3/24, 4/21, 5/19, 6/16, 7/21, 8/18, 9/22, 10/13, 11/10, 12/8)
  • Where: On your computer via Zoom

Ready to open the doorway to your emotional mastery?

Meet Andrea

Andrea Isaacs is called a Master of Change and a Spiritual Teacher Extraordinaire.

Andrea has been working with coaches, therapists, entrepreneurs and their teams, empowering the lives of thousands of people in 25 countries since 1994. 

Her unique body wisdom system increases emotional intelligence (EQ) and helps leaders maintain their happiness, thriving relationships and peace of mind even in the midst of chaos. 
She guides them to inspire their teams, motivating them all to greater productivity and fulfillment.

Initially based on the Enneagram personality system, her holistic approach uses neuroscience training techniques to help leaders maximize their potential in their relationships, happiness and their greatest success.

She is also the creator of the EQ Quiz which indicates your greatest gifts, strengths and challenges in all areas of human potential. She guides you in what to do about those challenges so your goals and dreams can come true with an ease you never thought possible.

In 1994, she became a founding faculty member for the Enneagram Institute, teaching with both Don Riso (until his passing in 2012) and Russ Hudson until 2019. Andrea is certified in both the Riso-Hudson and Palmer-Daniels traditions, was co-founding editor-publisher of the Enneagram Monthly and was on the International Enneagram Association Board of Directors for six years.

Her clients have included the Massachusetts State Government, the New York State Psychological Association, the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Loyola University, Dana Farber Cancer Center, Wake Forest University, the Federal Reserve Bank, Riverdell Spiritual Retreat Centre, Groover Seminars, and the Highland City Club in Boulder, Colorado.

Having lived throughout the US, most recently in the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, she recently settled in Eugene, Oregon. She bikes almost daily, does yoga and has been a meditator since 1970. She loves to make jewelry, cook, and have great conversations with good friends.
"In the past, in disagreements, I'd accuse, get argumentative, barky and combative. Then there would be tension, we'd both retreat and I'd be filled with anxiety, wanting to resolve the situation with a hammer. 

Working with Andrea has given me more tools in my toolbox for resolving conflict. Now I do it with conversation and humor. I don't stew in the car or at work. I don't make it a bone of contention and it doesn't grate on me. 

I'm more calm and warm-hearted. Then there's resolution and the stress is gone. If you're like me and need a quick, down and dirty intervention."

Nurse for Kaiser Permanente and Former DA
"For the first time, I have come to acceptance and peaceful appreciation of the tendencies of my own type, and also great joy at realizing the glorious higher aspects that have been there behind the veils all along. 

I enthusiastically, heartily, adamantly recommend this training for anyone who wants to know -- feel, sense, taste, experience, be -- who they truly are."

"Andrea's work is superlative in the world of transformational and healing modalities. It is one of those rare methods built upon the cutting edge of medical and biological research, conceptualized by the mind of an innovator and the heart of a healer. She has devised a practice which is so universal and artful that it is a natural and irresistible mental, emotional and physical gesture which establishes a link to the healthiest and happiest dynamic. Andrea's technique, once taught, will echo through your life span! It is presented (preserved?) by the joy in personal art. Thank you so very much."


Ready to open the doorway to your emotional mastery?

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