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The Delicious Tension Of Sexual Polarity 
 And The Use Of Kink To Create It And Keep It
Unlock the mysteries of your erotic mind and infuse your relationship with the novelty and excitement of Erotic Power Play
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The Delicious Tension Of Sexual Polarity 
Passionate desire is sparked by the polarity of opposing energies. 
If your relationship becomes depolarized, what was once magnetic attraction will gradually neutralize and this is where boredom and disconnection begins to diminish a couple’s sexual desire.

Learn about what sexual polarity is and why kink enhances polarity in a relationship. 

I’ll also introduce you to the idea of using archetypes to enhance your sexual polarity with your partner.
Discover how polarity fuels desire and empowers your relationship.
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Corinne Farago
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About The Speaker:
I’ve been professionally coaching individuals and couples in relationship and sexuality since 2007 and have studied this core aspect of human experience in the form of certifications, trainings, workshops, and in-session experience. The learning never stops. I synthesize multiple sexual modalities to create tailored experiences that meet each client’s unique set of needs and goals.

I’m a Certified Relationship and Sexual Empowerment Coach, Sex Educator, and Certified Hypnotherapist with a Solution Focused approach to sexuality and relationship.
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