BUT WAIT: Learn How To Play The Game...

Your Erotic Menu Coaching Videos

Play this game in a way that’s going to change 
your sex life with your partner.

Play this game in a way
that’s going to change
your erotic life with your partner.

Integrate Your Erotic Menu into your relationship with these step by step coaching videos created just for you and your partner.

Find all the tools you need and learn how to use them to make Your Erotic Menu a game-changer in your sex life.


"These videos prepare you to take Your Erotic Menu into the bedroom
(or living room - or kitchen)."

Follow along as Corinne dives into 

Your Erotic Menu

the Full-Spectrum Erotic Checklist and Communication Exercise for Couples

It's the Next Best Thing to One-On-One Coaching!

Video 1: 
How To Play The Game

  • Identify your sexual desires and build your personal erotic menu independently, while your partner does the same.
  • Receive guidance when it comes to talking about sex in a straight-forward and exciting way.
  • Uncover the four elements that make up a fulfilling sex life, novelty, exploration, connection and passion.
  • ​Discover why feelings and context are so important to your erotic encounters.
  • ​Learn how to use Your Erotic Menu to open a door you will want to keep open for the rest of your lives.

Video 2:
Sharing Your Personal Erotic Menu 

  • Take the first steps in transforming your sex life.
  • ​Learn how to discuss Your Erotic Menu with your partner in a way that keeps the game fun and revealing.
  • ​Experience in-depth detail about your partner's sexual desires by asking simple but important questions about each checked activity.
  • Reveal ways to prepare for uncomfortable situations, how to be accepting, and keep the conversation going.

Video 3:
Boundaries, Language, and Planning 

  • How to make a so-so experience an erotic memory you will never forget.
  • ​Understand the fundamentals of your erotic explorations.
  • Discover why a great lover is an educated lover, and how to become one.
  • Learn how planning can increase your desires.
  • ​Reveal the two most important words when it comes to conversations about sex.
  • ​Learn how and when to use safe words and why they are a must-have in any sexual encounter. 

What Are People Saying?

"Rather than blaming each other about what wasn’t happening,
we talked about what we did want to happen."
"What intrigued me most was the option of Fantasy on the checklist. Some of the things I fantisize about I wouldn’t want to actually do."
"It was very intimate to share things we didn't know about each other, even after 10 years together. It felt more like a game than an exercise."

"It was the best conversation
we've had about sex in years"

Use this powerful tool to discover, share and celebrate all of your beautiful desires.
I can confidently say, your dates nights will never be the same!

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